Click for gallery of past projectsWhether you want to create an area within your project of company ephemera, historical documents, donor wall, custom sculpture, room and way finding signage, didactics for your art collection, glass or metal wall installations or emphasize your company image, culture and values using your logo in creative ways, we source and coordinate with our network of trusted vendors, manufactures and artisans to create an overall branding concept and make it a reality.

Infused Glass:

Infusion® technology is utilized to apply high resolution digital imagery or graphics to glass. The Infusion® process provides a vastly superior quality of product and unlimited flexibility when compared to existing film overlay applications. Using this application along with translucent, transparent, back-painted glass, tempered, or laminated glass will enhance the design capabilities that an Architect, Interior Designer or Owner can choose from. The look that this process creates will enhance the artistic touch to any interior space.

Applications for Commercial & Residential Spaces:

• Wall Covering
• Marker Boards
• Railing
• Elevator Interiors
• Wall Features
• Partitions
• Counter Tops
• Bar Areas
• Door Transoms
• Art


• Easy care and Maintenance
• Moisture Resistant
• Ease of Installation
•  Limitless Color and Digital Options
• Consistent Quality
• Long-Lasting Durability